ATTENTION! The unique and last pipe of the Rare Wood 1. series, number 500, will be sold in an auction that will take place during September on Facebook. In addition to the number, the pipe will be signed by the author, and will receive a certificate of authenticity and a box with a bag. Follow the author's profile




Pipes that I offer in this series are something special, and its history.

Some time ago I managed to buy briar-R blanks, which currently already have historical value. He offered me a great-grandson of a Czech manufacturer of pipes Vaclav Prusa (1890-1958), who was trained at  Antonin Ziegler from Krasna Hora ( Beautiful Mountain) and founded his own workshop in the thirties. The biggest success came after 1945, but unfortunately shortly, because a coup in r. 1948 ended his business.

As for the wood, then it is a smaller size briar blanks, so I decided to create a collection of pipes that will be more classic than what you're used to me, is significantly smaller and more subtle. The advantage of such an old material that is harder, more resistant to the heat and even weaker walls nepropálí. A definite disadvantage is a way of cutting briar, because at that time, neglecting straight grain or birds eyes. Priority was then yield, and the wood is cut it is, how it came out.

Pipes Series RARE WOOD are essentially untreated, only waxed, drilled 18 mm, length not exceeding 130 mm and the weight is around 45 g.

Are numbered different numerical series than my normal production and the price is uniform – 100 €.

Try to enjoy smoking a pipe, the material remembers our grandparents.