Michal Novák - Pipemaker, Prague

* 03.02.1954

I've been making pipes since 2008, my original profession (journalist and photographer), leads me to the early nineties on "smoking", which gradually shaped my journalistic work exclusively on the preparation of materials of pipes and pipe tobacco. 
During his journalistic career, I spent some time working as chief editor of the magazine "cigar and pipe cocktail", and since 1999 a member of the Académie Internationale de la Pipe, where I was active in the "briar pipe". 
I often attend international fairs and exhibitions in our country and try to regularly participate in competitions slow pipe smoking. 
I visited all European enterprises producing pipes and a number of studies in Germany, Austria, Italy and Denmark. At each visit, I had this idea running in my head that "I would try it one day." 
The first real impetus to the creation of a pipe with his own hands was during my visit to Italy when my friend Alberto Paronella gave me a little historical pipeline. 
It is the face (and history) fascinated me, and later, it was very pipe that was my first "model". 

So my first "flat pipe" was made 

Yet after some time passed, I had this growing desire to create something "their own". Something that would be distinctive and recognizable in a huge variety of author pipe by my more experienced colleagues. Something that could be recognized in the same way as cars, fashion, jewelry, paintings. And then I really did not happen ... 
The term "Find someone Region" was fulfilled in the very sense of the word, and my pipes are now truly characteristic - their edges. 
Maybe at first glance, it was not the intention, just classic human desire to keep something in hand, something you can touch, swipe your finger, stroke, explore, play with, either when it is at rest or under stress. The desire to touch is natural and if the thing you touch is also as beautiful as heather, which is used to manufacture their pipes, then the owner will receive an aesthetic experience comparable experience art and deep emotions. 
So now my tubes are "typical" and I know that I am the way, which I really enjoy. 


Looking back...