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Michal Novak

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Best Point Pipe.com

A wide offer of ESTATE pipes, but also a simpler pipes in lower pricing from my workshop,
I look forward to your visit to my sister site as well. 




I would like to acquaint you with a special edition of pipes, named after my daughter - Linda. This series was born out of impressions and experiences from my work and study stay in Denmark at a master in the field - my friend Tom Eltang. Pipes have a much more classic shapes Than is my habit, and the except two are more subtle. This series is signed, numerical series, but not in this case.
This edition will appeal to those of you who prefer the classics.


I present you a special, limited edition, made of wood 100 years old, with an interesting history. 

Newly on-line booking.

Suitable for hesitating between two pipes, or having consultation at home or with your bank account, your free space or your friends :-)).

I believe that this opportunity to welcome you.